Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as B&D Enterprises) offers Warrior brand PVC Thermoform lining systems for a high quality, reliable solution to a growing problem. Thermoform lining system is the most innovative trenchless solution to solve today’s underground infrastructure challenges. Thermoform PVC lining has been designed for the rehabilitation of existing drainage and sewer pipes. By using the latest technology in custom PVC compounds, Warrior has created a product that has the installation benefits of a CIPP liner with the strength of a PVC pipe. Warrior’s most unique benefit over current CIPP lining is the lack of the deadly chemical vapors from the chemical compound “STYRENE”. Thermoform’s installation process releases no volatile monomers, such as STYRENE, to leak from the process into the ground water or streams and that there are no hazardous water soluble chemicals brought to the jobsite, making Warrior Thermoform PVC lining an environmentally friendly way to rehabilitate broken or leaking drainage and sewer pipes.

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